we are all born, we have no say in the matter really, we can't chose the families we are born into or the bodies we are born into. We also don't choose weather or not those bodies match who we truly are.
This is no "revelation" I Imagine weather you are on my friends list and reading this or weather you some how stumbled across this post. I feel like those of you reading this most likely already are accepting or open and not he way to acceptance of trans people. I can't ask you to understand us, that would be like asking you to understand all men, or all women. it's just not possible really.
We are each one person, we are each having labels slapped on us by society,
(I.E. but not limited to)... this person is cis male, cis female, transgender, transexual, transvestite, gender queer... this list has grown so large that I can't possibly sit here and claim to be able to list every title that is being used today. I'm also not sure I know many people personally who could say that they could.
I feel we all want to be recognized, respected, and protected.
There have been struggles in the past that where Literally to be blunt, Black and white...
and male and female.. we all know of these battles for eaquality happened and eventually those that felt pressed won. I think a lot of those monumental movements and occurred before the time of my generation. (i'm 29)
but they have paved the way for future minorities to stand up and either politely request or demand their own rights. , most recently Gays have been granted the freedom to marry by the supreme court. we knows it's huge and it's a great victory that has only occurred due to the torch thats been passed on by so many trail blazers before us.. every time someone passes the torch in the olympics its a moment of victory, accomplishment, honor, and praise, but we all know in that moment it's still " the passing of the torch"
it's the moment where the crowd roars for victory on one, and cheers for the success of the next...
the torch has come along way, from women rights, to african americans, to gays, and now it's been passed to the transgendered team... where do we take it... It's in our hands now.